Meet my co-star

As I mentioned inΒ my first postΒ on this blog, one of my goals is to make this blog more of a dog blog. Particularly with the adventure I will be embarking on within the next month with my girl, Jayde, blogging will be a perfect way to document lessons, things we do, and of course lots of photos. So my theme for this blog (if you can’t tell by looking through my categories) is ‘dog.’ πŸ™‚

Here’s an introduction to the co-star of this blog, Jayde the German shepherd. πŸ™‚

GSD Studio Shots-5

Full name: NoraJayde von Holtgrew (aka Heather’s Dare To Dream)

Nicknames: Jayders, Jayder Jues, Juicer, Big Ears, Radar, Gremlin

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Sex: Female

Birthday: March 13th, 2007

Favorite toy: the Kong

Favorite activities: chasing squirrels, squirrel-watching, playing Kong, playing chuck-it, learning new tricks

Me and Jayde-4

I’d always dreamed about getting a German shepherd. After having poodles as family dogs (Ebonie, Andre, & Frenswa), three rescue mutts (Maggie, Mandy & Buddy), and an Australian shepherd (Violet), I got JaydeΒ from a breeder in a small town about a half hour’s drive from my house when I was 16yo. She was originally going to be my juniors/confirmation/show dog, but I quickly fell out of that world (thank god). We then moved onto agility, which was much more up our alley. Along the way she gained some titles, learned lots of tricks, and taught me many things about life. She is still teaching me something new every day.

Me and Jayde-2

The name ‘Jayde’ came from jaden, which supposedly means ‘purple’ (or so I was told). When Jayde was born, to tell her apart from the others, her breeder put a purple band around her neck. She was known as the ‘purple girl’ before they settled on the name Nora. Instead of calling her Jaiden or Jaden (because there was no way I was name my dog Nora), I shortened it to one syllable and added a ‘y’ for some character. It wasn’t until later that I realized jade means green. xD But oh well. Jayde stuck and I love it. πŸ™‚

So from now on, any post specifically related to dogs (Jayde or other) will be placed under the category Pawprints. General stories (dog or otherwise) will be under the category Daily Tails.

Me and Jayde-9

Peace & Pawprints.