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Hallelulah I’m connected to the outside world again!

Jayde and I are settling in nicely to our new apartment. Together we’ve been exploring the city just a little bit. Compared to my hometown, this city is huge so it’s going to take a while to get used to the difference in traffic and number of people. We’ve found some awesome hiking trails and picnic spots, as well as a particularly popular tourist spot that every.single.person. mentioned to me before I moved.


While we haven’t quite settled into a set daily routine yet (I’m sure that’ll happen once class starts and once I’m settled into my work schedule), we do manage to go for at least one walk a day, as well as fit in at least one chuck-it session a day, and we’ve been working on lots of tricks, old and new. We’ve found a few training clubs that I’m hoping to join once I get some money flow going. Classes for agility, at the very least, for Jayde’s mental stimulation and interaction time with fellow dog lovers, and perhaps a canine freestyle class. I also found a couple groups on that consist of dog owners and lovers Β in my area who meet every week or every once in a while for a walk or a dinner or some other get-together. Our first encounter with one will be this Sunday, and I am very excited to see how it goes. πŸ™‚ And of course, we I found a vet that I believe is satisfactory. ;P







Jayde at vet

I am excited to begin working/making money (always a stress point, unfortunately) so that I can do a few things:

  • Begin saving
  • Explore the coffee shops, cafes, shops, & restaurants that appear to be endless in this city
  • Settle into a routine and schedule
  • Get enrolled in an agility (& maybe a canine freestyle) class with Jayde
  • Get photos printed & buy frames to hang them in
  • Get the last few necessities that I need for my apartment (like a floor fan)

Another thing to look forward to is class, which begins next Monday. I have a virtual orientation on Thursday to attend. It is exciting because it is something I am looking forward to studying, yet it is nerve wracking as I take on the demands of class once again. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

me and Jayde

I will admit, I am writing this through a bout of insomnia that has hit me the past couple of nights. Tonight This morning I woke up at 4:30 and could not get to sleep. So I pulled out my computer. Perhaps getting all of this out will help. I have been meaning to blog since Monday but couldn’t get the right words to flow. From here on out, I’d like to post about mine and Jayde’s adventures and explorations at least twice a week. It is going to take a change in perspective as well as a change in the silly expectations I hold for myself of this blog, i.e. in-depth, thought provoking, or otherwise interesting and exciting posts. I’ve been finding that simple posts by fellow bloggers have sometimes been the most enjoyable. And of course I need to adjust my perspective and realize that my life can be exciting if I look at it with the right attitude. πŸ˜‰

CO beautydog park creek




Just this little thing called reality

A new adventure. A new state, a new city, new people, new dogs, new sights, new sounds, new backdrops, new experiences, new trails, new parks, new roads, new houses, new independence, new responsibility. New everything.

Tonight was the last night of work at the place I’ve worked at for the past 5yrs. To say the emotions were almost overwhelming is an understatement. I’ve been with that restaurant since the very beginning: 8 managers, 3 managing partners, 4 or 5 kitchen managers, and dozens of co-workers; the ups and downs; every change & adjustment; and all the best times & the worst times of my life. It was my first job, and an extremely positive one at that. Honestly, I never considered it a job because I loved it so much. That place – the building, the knowledge that came with the job, and the company itself – holds more memories than I could ever count. So when I walked out the doors for the last time, I felt the finality of it. The end.

TRH goodbye TRH goodbye card

That’s what my life has been like the past week or so. Moments of sudden finality. Realizing the moments of “end.” Not all have been pleasant (although some definitely have). Most of these moments I’ve balked at with my innate fear of change, but then have quietly resolved myself for what’s to come, as a necessity. I believe my last shift tonight at work was one of the biggest so far, the biggest end, the biggest door to a new beginning. New.


Me and Jayde-7

On the same point, I am thankful that I have these reminders of reality. More and more I’ve been looking at Jayde and wondering how she’s going to adjust. Not necessarily because I am worried that she *won’t* adjust but more so because she has no warning of what’s to come. In a little less than a week her world is going to be flipped upside down and she’s not going to understand why Mandy & Buddy & Secret are no longer there every day. She’s not going to understand why she hasΒ the new house our new apartment all to herself for extended periods of time. Her entire life she’s lived in a family, with people walking in and out (at all hours, at that) of the house, other dogs always around her, a doggy door that gave her freedom to go outside or inside whenever she chose.

And put in that perspective, the changes I am going through and will go through are minimal compared to her’s. At least I have time to mentally prepare myself.

Peace & Pawprints

Meet my co-star

As I mentioned inΒ my first postΒ on this blog, one of my goals is to make this blog more of a dog blog. Particularly with the adventure I will be embarking on within the next month with my girl, Jayde, blogging will be a perfect way to document lessons, things we do, and of course lots of photos. So my theme for this blog (if you can’t tell by looking through my categories) is ‘dog.’ πŸ™‚

Here’s an introduction to the co-star of this blog, Jayde the German shepherd. πŸ™‚

GSD Studio Shots-5

Full name: NoraJayde von Holtgrew (aka Heather’s Dare To Dream)

Nicknames: Jayders, Jayder Jues, Juicer, Big Ears, Radar, Gremlin

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Sex: Female

Birthday: March 13th, 2007

Favorite toy: the Kong

Favorite activities: chasing squirrels, squirrel-watching, playing Kong, playing chuck-it, learning new tricks

Me and Jayde-4

I’d always dreamed about getting a German shepherd. After having poodles as family dogs (Ebonie, Andre, & Frenswa), three rescue mutts (Maggie, Mandy & Buddy), and an Australian shepherd (Violet), I got JaydeΒ from a breeder in a small town about a half hour’s drive from my house when I was 16yo. She was originally going to be my juniors/confirmation/show dog, but I quickly fell out of that world (thank god). We then moved onto agility, which was much more up our alley. Along the way she gained some titles, learned lots of tricks, and taught me many things about life. She is still teaching me something new every day.

Me and Jayde-2

The name ‘Jayde’ came from jaden, which supposedly means ‘purple’ (or so I was told). When Jayde was born, to tell her apart from the others, her breeder put a purple band around her neck. She was known as the ‘purple girl’ before they settled on the name Nora. Instead of calling her Jaiden or Jaden (because there was no way I was name my dog Nora), I shortened it to one syllable and added a ‘y’ for some character. It wasn’t until later that I realized jade means green. xD But oh well. Jayde stuck and I love it. πŸ™‚

So from now on, any post specifically related to dogs (Jayde or other) will be placed under the category Pawprints. General stories (dog or otherwise) will be under the category Daily Tails.

Me and Jayde-9

Peace & Pawprints.