first post

First Impressions

I’m not new to the blogosphere; I have another blog that has gone stale due to lack of ideas/blogger’s block. So I started this new blog under some sleep-deprived conditions to see if it couldn’t break me out of my blog-funk.

—>>>Β Moments Of MezzΒ is my original blog, my first blog, the one that started it all. Check it out if you’d like to get a little bit of history on me, but I’m turning toward this blog as my main one so I probably won’t be posting anything else on that one. It feels like a good time for a fresh start. I will be changing some things on this one as I go. It is still in its beginning stages so I have some pages to add, and I hope to change it up a bit from my old blog.

If you are not a loyal follower someone from Moments of Mezz then here is what you might expect from my blog:

  • Photos, & lots of them. Probably mainly of my awesome dogs andΒ Ashley’sΒ dogs but also a little bit of whatever catches my interest. I enjoy shooting people… and things.
  • Thoughts I have running through my head that day, week, month, whatever. If something sticks with me for a while then I’ll probably write about it at some point – that’s the goal, anyway. Might be thoughts about what’s going on in my own life at the moment or thoughts about some ‘hot’ topic in society at the moment. I want this blog to be less censored than Moments of Mezz also. πŸ™‚
  • Stories & lessons from the pawprints in my life. This is one thing I did not focus on as much as I would have liked in Moments of Mezz. My dogs (particularly my German shepherd girl, Jayde) are a huge part of my life and I’d like to dedicate more time on here for them.
  • My adventures as I enter a scary exciting new chapter of my life.
  • My perspectives on life in general. What I’ve learned, what I’m still learning, and what I’m doing about it all.
  • And whatever else I decide to write about that doesn’t fit into those broad categories.

So go ahead and click the follow button if you’d like. Likes are nice but comments are even better. I enjoy hearing other opinions & thoughts on things.