Saturday Snow Day

This week has gone by so slow. I can’t believe it will have only been a week tomorrow since I came back to Colorado from my holiday trip home. And that it’s only January 4th of the new year. Before Christmas, I felt like all the days and weeks were flying by at warp speed and I barely had time to get my crap together. Then it’s come and gone, and here I am.


Today we saw snow. All day. Do note that it was nearly 60 degrees yesterday and I ran errands without a coat on. Today I took the dogs out with a hat and gloves on. But the majority of the day was spent inside: reading my new Jack Reacher novel, drinking coffee, and making pork chops for dinner (which were delish, btw). We got our cable hooked up last night to my new tv, which is a bitter sweet thing. On the one hand, I can watch new episodes of The Walking Dead when it comes back on in February and Impractical Jokers on Thursdays (plus DVR! such a crazii concept to me xD), and we have access to a quite a few On Demand movies. But I still see it as unnecessary and annoying noise, particularly during commercials. I think I’ll be able to live with it though, because I can now watch movies (including BluRays! moving up there, folks) on a big screen instead of my laptop screen. I do believe I will have to invest in some SkullCandy or Dre headphones though, particularly when class begins again on Monday.


This blogging thing is starting to feel a little more familiar but it is still a struggle. Practice, practice, practice.

Peace & Pawprints


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