Check In

I am already having a hard time finding the TIME to blog. I work nights and get off late. Then I’m exhausted and don’t feel like thinking too hard about what to write. I probably could find time to blog during the day, if I wasn’t busy with errands, dogs, and [soon] school. But. I am not going to give up on this post-a-day so easily. I enjoy blogging and would really like to push myself to find my blogging voice this year, something I feel like I missed out on in 2012.

This year I want to focus on myself. Self-improvement. Changing my mindset. Strengthening my weaknesses. And maybe finding out a bit more about myself during the process.

Peace & Pawprints


One comment

  1. Hi friend!! I have a thought… if you want to blog and find your voice again (or anew!), then why not blog about your process of self-improvement. I guarantee that blogging will begin to reveal to you who you are as your write your thoughts out. And in my opinion, blog for yourself – not as a means to communicate to others, but as a way to record your thoughts, musings, lessons, and experiences. We’ll all be along for the ride!

    Happy New Year! xx

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