My Reading List!… so far :]

With this blog being [hopefully] more focused on certain topics [read: dogs: Jayde, particularly] I have been searching WordPress for dog blogs. Photos are a plus, but I look for blogs that talk about dog training, dog behavior, the dog-human bond, and daily stories & lessons learned from our four-legged friends. So far I’ve come up with quite a list that I have greatly enjoyed reading. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to make a blogroll list on the side or make a page dedicated to other blogs. Decisions, decisions. πŸ™‚

Happy Reading!

Denise FenziΒ – A blog that leans more toward technical dog training but still provides easy reading for those not so interested in dog competitions. Has some very informative articles on dog behavior, training, socialization, etc.

Wilde About DogsΒ – Very informative blog on dog behavior and training.

MyMegaeDogΒ – This blog has lots of fun stories & informative lessons from dogs.

The Unexamined DogΒ – Lots of fun photos and interesting stories from a life with dogs.

Responsible Dog – It’s All About Dogs!Β – Lots of good articles on responsible dog ownership & dog training.

Peace, Love, & FosteringΒ – A blog with lots of beautiful photos and great stories about fostering & dog training.

No Dog About It BlogΒ – Photos & stories about dogs.

The DoggerelΒ – An awesome blog documenting the adventures of a young couple with their first dog. Training, thoughts, & lessons learned.

Love & a Six-Foot LeashΒ – Beautiful photos and wonderful dog stories.

Tesla’s TrainingΒ – A blog documenting one dog’s lessons of new tricks, often accompanied by videos and photos. Very fun to watch & read along with the lessons!

My Positive Dog Training BlogΒ – Lessons & information on positive training methods.

German Shepherd AdventuresΒ – Stories of German shepherds. Love. πŸ™‚

Eileen and DogsΒ – Information and stories on positive training methods with some photos thrown in.

Foster and PhotographΒ – A young lady’s adventures with her border collie and all her foster dogs, accompanied with some beautiful photos.

If you have any recommended blogs, please share! I love reading anything and everything related to dogs. πŸ™‚

Peace & Pawprints.



  1. Thanks for including us on your list! I’ve enjoyed following your blog (via Feedly) too! And your girl is just beautiful! She is lucky to have you.

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